After spending several years successfully working towards my Future Self by optimizing my routines and creating clear, simple habits, I am excited to offer a private Master Course for 10 people who are ready to radically alter their own lives. The Course includes envisioning your own realistic Future Self, determining your goals, and creating sustainable, actionable plans to there. Who wants in?


What is involved:

Four 1hr sessions with some individual homework assignments:

  • Sunday Dec 12th @ 7p Central – Introduction / Habit Creation
  • Thursday Dec 16th @ 7p Central – Nourish / Move / Recover in 2022
  • Sunday – Dec 19th @ 7p Central – The Secret Formula of (Your Goals) + (2022 Resolutions) = (Your New Habits)
  • Thursday – Dec 23rd @ 7p Central – Tools / Conclusions / Pre-New Years Celebrations!

What is the price:

  • There’s a $50 Deposit on top of your sincere commitment.
  • If you attend all four sessions, complete the homework assignments, and provide a testimonial about the course, your deposit will be refunded in full.

What is the catch:

  • The Master Course is limited to 10 people.
  • I’m not offering it again until next year.
  • While there’s a $50 deposit, I’m only requiring a deposit to discourage anyone from taking a limited spot and not attending or doing the work.
  • If you show up, do the work, and provide me with your honest feedback, I’ll refund the deposit on January 1st, 2022.

How do I get started:

Click that yellow button below, and you’re on your way!