Finished your first Obstacle Course Race and decided to sign up for more (or bigger!) events but you want help training for them? Or have you already finished multiple races and know you want a training program designed specifically for OCRs?

The Obstacle Is The Way is our continuously-evolving program designed to improve your aerobic & anaerobic capacity, power, strength, and muscular endurance. It is a methodical skills-based approach to improving your over-all race performance. And our program offers racers a unique focus on breath work, mindset preparation, grip strength, nutrition, and recovery. If you want a program that will take you to the next level, this is it!


  • Initial Coach Call for Onboarding & Season Roadmap
  • Private Facebook Group for support, accountability, & OCR specific content
  • Weekly Online Group Support Meetings (7P Central each Sunday on Zoom)
  • Up to 6 workouts per week (3 x Strength & Conditioning, 3 x Running)
  • Recovery Training
  • Nutrition Training
  • Industry Deals (Discounts on Races, Equipment, and Supplies!)

Add-on Workouts: Advanced Core, Advanced Breath Work, Advanced Grip Strength, and Advanced Chin-Up programs are available separately so you can customize plan to your specific needs. 

Price: $29/month








“Be Brave. Challenge Yourself. Know No Limits!” -Coach Jon

The strength and conditioning workouts for Warrior Training are delivered through our smart app and designed for people with access to a variety of free weights such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and structures for hanging, chin-ups, climbing, and swinging. (A CrossFit rig or a HIIT rig are good examples.)

The run workouts for Warrior Training are delivered through our smart app and designed for people who can already run/jog at least one mile, at any pace, without dying. Treadmills are acceptable. Tracks are acceptable. Road runs and trails are preferred.

If you do not have access to a variety of free weights / strength machines, at least 30 days worth of recent / consistent resistance training, or aren’t able to run/jog a mile without dying, this program is not appropriate for you, yet. Please consider joining our FREE Couch-To-Hero Training Program, which is designed to get people off the couch and on their way to crossing their first finish line..