In addition to our Core Values & Beliefs, which form the backbone of Post-Normal, we hold several philosophies dear to our hearts. We use them to guide our efforts with groups, clients, and our athletes. The top three are listed below, and we hope these give insight into how we operate and what makes us different.

    • LEARN & MASTER THE BASICS – In today’s world of hyper-connected and instantaneous access to the accumulated bulk of human wisdom, Google is taking the place of learning and becoming proficient with basic skills. But watching a YouTube video on running efficiently cannot prepare you to run your first 5K or half marathon. Your food tracking application cannot help take off and keep off weight if you do not actually understand how your metabolism works and needs to be maintained. A strength training program that includes lunges, air squats, and situps may actually harm you, if you don’t know how to perform proper movements. Unfortunately our society is bombarded with false and often dangerous information on everything from food to fitness, In order to achieve your goals, you may have to start over and rediscover basic, fundamental skills, and then build on them.
    • CHALLENGE YOURSELF – Whatever you are doing right now, if you want to improve, you have to do something differently. How do you get better at anything? Push your current limits. Get out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself! If it is running, biking, reading, singing, playing the guitar, deadlifting, or dancing, you cannot improve by doing it the same way you are doing it now. Sometimes Challenge Yourself means increasing your intensity. Sometimes Challenge Yourself means re-learning an old skill, or learning an entirely new one. But we believe that positive growth only comes from positive changes. And we’re here to help challenge you to make your changes.
    • EVERY INDIVIDUALS IS UNIQUE – Put simply: Not every solution works every time for everyone. One size does not fit all! Often we will know which direction we should go to help achieve your goals, but we may not immediately know the exact path to get there. There may even be multiple paths to choose from. Or there may only be one path unique to you. So we work with individuals to find individual methods to achieve individual goals.

There are plenty more. We share additional insights throughout our published articles and directly with our clients and athletes. If you are interest in something specific, please Contact Us. We appreciate your time, and look forward to hearing from you!