Today’s Obstacle Course Races combine off-road trails and mud runs with various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. The events are designed to test your physical and mental endurance. Post-Normal programming develops strength, speed, agility, mobility, balance, power, and cardiovascular endurance to make you well-rounded, multi-functional, and resilient.


Only Post-Normal Systems gives you a totally customizable training & coaching experience designed to help you achieve your goals. In addition to our dynamic fitness and endurance programming delivered to you through our phone app, we offer a unique focus on breath work, mindset, grip strength, nutrition, and recovery.

Two paid programs are offered based on your specific needs and abilities. Both start with 30-Days of White Glove Service: Onboarding Coach Call, Season Roadmap, and more. Plus, both plans come with a Risk Free, Money Back, 30 Day Guarantee. We make sure you are 100% on the right track!



If you are just getting started training and need to develop your initial level of fitness, please check out our: Couch-To-Hero Program. Super awesome for new athletes, and FREE!

hero training
  • No Setup Fee
  • Welcome Packet
  • 4 Week Program
  • Industry Deals
  • Private FB Group
  • Mindset Video
  • Recovery Video
  • Nutrition Video
  • Online (FB) Support


Warrior Training

Designed for athletes who have moderate to high fitness levels, some experience racing, & want to create epic improvements of their existing strength, endurance, & obstacle skills.

warrior coaching
  • Setup Fee ($100) $0
  • Initial Coach Call
  • Season Roadmap
  • Industry Deals
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Programming
  • Recovery Training
  • Nutrition Training
  • Weekly Group Call


Hero Coaching

Individualized programming designed for athletes with high fitness levels & racing experience who are prepared to carry out extraordinary deeds and journeys.

Jon - 01
  • Setup Fee ($100) $0
  • Initial Coach Call
  • Season Roadmap
  • Industry Deals
  • Private FB Group
  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Recovery
  • Custom Nutrition
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Call